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Social media can be a two-edged sword nowadays. On one end, it’s a place of unity, shared ideas, and funny memes. On the other hand, we find many people hiding behind their phones and laptops to spread negativity. The Hous11 creative of the week, was on both ends of the sword this past week and gracefully rose above the online hate.

Calling herself the “Girl of the Century” Wanna, or @WannasWorld via Twitter, is a Toronto based creative and writer who’s mission is evident; to highlight and uplift black women, even starting the hashtag #femalestreamingrapparty to celebrate women in rap. Her most recent piece “Black Girls From the Hood Are The Real Trendsetters” currently boasts over 12,000 retweets on Twitter and over 50,000 reads on her website WannasWorld.com. So, it was a shock to see the backlash that came from a tweet she directed towards Nicki Minaj, resulting in her losing her unpaid writing internship with KarenCivil.com.

The Toronto writer has been a source for lifestyle and actively engages with her 18,000 plus Twitter followers over music, lifestyle and culture.

Earlier in the month, Wanna tweeted that she felt Nicki Minaj should change the direction of her music by rapping on more mature topics like “reflection on past relationships, being a boss, hardships, etc,” she tweeted. Wanna made note that the Young Money rapper was “pushing 40”. What Wanna didn’t expect was a direct message Nicki Minaj naming a few songs that she found touched on those topics and insisted on the writer being “jealous” and “ugly”. After sharing a screenshot of the direct messages online, the Barbz attacked.

Wanna found herself a target of cyber bullying from Nicki Minaj’s stans who had no shame in the way they attacked the young writer. “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone,” Wanna told the New York Times after receiving hate mail, death threats and even attacks on her four year old daughter. Once a welcoming place of her ideas, her Twitter page quickly became a minefield where she had to tiptoe around. “I wanted to post a photo of my daughter today (she looks beautiful) but the negativity hasn't stopped just yet,” she tweeted.

These type of incidents highlight the negative culture surrounding social media. We see the shows on catfishing online, but there is also an epidemic of “stan accounts” that go too far to defend their favorite artists. The target of these attacks often scurry from social media left to deal with the mental impacts this has on their peace of mind. How can strangers be so cruel?

Through all the hate, there was a lot of love shown to Wanna during this time. Many people, including Missy Elliot, shared positive tweets and well wishes to the writer and even banded together on the hashtag, #IStandWithWanna. Since then, Wanna has shared her side of the story via the New York Times and have been actively vetted for writing jobs and is currently taking her career in her own hands.

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