Weekly Feature: Ravie B

Imagine going on tour to photograph Jay Z and Beyoncé. That is the life hip-hop photographer Raven B. Varona, or Ravie B, has made into her reality through her charm, talent, and social media savvy. The Bronx native took a leap of faith in 2015 by leaving her full-time real estate job to live out some major life goals. She is since been credited for shooting some of rap’s biggest icons like Future, Kanye West, Big Sean and currently on tagging along with Beyoncé and Jay Z capturing some epic candids and live concert shots while on the On the Run II tour.

Ravie B has an eye for capturing moments with her go to camera the Canon 70D. As a shooter myself, Ravie B’s shots are ones I have drawn a lot of inspiration from. The Bronx native has had the chance to catch Kanye West in his element on the Yeezus tour and even going behind the scenes in the day to day with Atlanta’s Future. He may have singlehandedly propelled Ravie B’s career, helping her reach some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Having her hand on the “pulse of pop culture’, Ravie B specializes in live, portraits, and lifestyle photos that can be seen via her Instagram page by the handle @RavieB. In 2016, Ravie B talked with The Fader about her dream photo shoot being with Beyoncé. “My absolute dream photo shoot -- this going to be so cliché but I don’t care, would be shooting Beyoncé,” she gushed. “That is my dream shoot.” Now, she is front and center catching hip-hop’s power couple good side. The visual artist’s Instagram feed shows Beyoncé and Jay Z casually scrolling through Barcelona on the European leg of the OTRII with a few shots of her enjoying off days on the major tour.

Achieving something like this doesn’t come easy, however. These last few years, Ravie B has put in a lot of groundwork in the New York music scene, covering countless events and concerts around the state. She became popular from working with the popular traveling party, Hennypalooza, which has hit Atlanta, St. Thomas, and Coney Island grasping the event’s true essence with her candids on each stops, which can be found via her website RavenbVerona.com. The creative has taken her talents across the world, inspiring a lot of us on the way via her Tweets and Instagram channel.

“I wish I was shooting OTR,” she tweeted in 2014. Now, looking back, we see how everything has come full circle for the photographer. A lot of Ravie B’s success comes from her understanding of social media using hashtags like #FutureHive to build up her brand. Like many, I was introduced the creative from her Instagram feed after seeing a post Future’s ombre locs, a very reason as to why my locs are blonde now.

After scrolling her page, I found her photos of artists like Big Sean, Rick Ross, and Meek Mill were just as stunning as the photos of herself. Her Twitter, also by the name @ravieb, is full of insight into her journey to be a successful photographer. Beyond shooting for Queen B on tour, she shot the iconic images of Beyoncé’s historic Coachella performance that has been spotted on major publication across the world.

Ravie B is a creative in her own right and using her skills to create her dream job literally turning her tweets to reality.



Instagram.com/Ravie B

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