Planet Parents


Sharing a sign can not only help you understand your child on a deeper level, it is a very special bond to have. It wasn’t until I had my own child that I realized so much about myself as an Aquarius. His intuitiveness, his innocent heart, and his frankness are all things I never saw in myself until I saw it in him. The water-bearing Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Uranus governs detachment, unpredictable energy, and rebellion.

Sharing a sign with your child has its pros and cons. It is a great experience to have a child that is essentially like you. On the downside, you need things that you want to correct in your child that you may need to correct about yourself. Below are a few Aquarian traits:

Identifying the traits of your sign can help you figure out the best way to raise your child. Though everything that works for you may not work for them, you have a higher probability of understanding your child when you share a sign. You may have the key to understanding them all along. That key is you!

Figure out the things about your sign that you can agree are definite. From personal experience, I admittingly overthink things on an almost daily basis. Often when my son is frustrated it’s because he’s doing what Aquarians do, which is overthink situations. I can be very independent, and I enjoy doing things my way. Before realizing the independence trait about our sign, I would do a lot of micromanaging and hovering. He likes to do things himself, I have learned to allow him his independence (to an extent).

If I were to have a Leo child (Leo being the opposite of Aquarius) being a parent to this child would be as rewarding as having an Aquarian child because theoretically, fire (Leo) needs air (Aquarius) to stay ignited. Leos are idealistic and enthusiastic about life just like an Aquarius. However, dealing with a Cancer child can cause more of an issue due to Cancer dealing with life emotionally.

It’s important to me that I learn about the ways of all the signs. I want to make sure that I can be the best mother spiritually and emotionally to all my children to come! Though the Zodiac may not decide all their personality traits, there are certain traits that likely are predetermined. We’ll go deeper into these traits in the next post.

I asked people to share with me their zodiac sign and 3 things others would describe them as.

For Aquarius:

Falan (@tgitarot) – True to self, Great Friend, Honest

Tonya – Loving, Funny, Reliable

Heather (@heather_honey8) – Funny, Beautiful, Honest

For Leo:

Caterica (@catericajayy) – Funny, Entertaining, Bossy

Rachel (@kid_rae18) – Loyal, Funny, Calming

Wesley (@wesleyhall) – Life of the party, Computer Savvy, Always willing to help

For Cancer:

Kiara – Intelligent, Caring, Funny

Sydney – Quiet, Calm, Sweet

Bianca (@blasian_bey) – Calm, Loyal, Introvert