New Diamond Collection FENTY REVIEW

by Cheyenne Brown

To celebrate one year of being an amazing beauty brand, Rihanna decided to bless us with glitter, and lots of it. For Fenty’s one-year anniversary, Fenty Beauty released the Diamond Anniversary Collection. This collection includes Diamond Milk, a pearl-finish version of the original Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, and Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil, a 3D-diamond shimmer highlighter.

The ‘How Many Carats?!’ Diamond Bomb Highlighter (All-Over Diamond Veil) is a multiuse highlight that provides the perfect shimmer and sparkle look to users. With the base being translucent this product can easily be layered on its own or used with other products. It is easily blended and feels like a smooth creamy texture rather than a powdered texture.

"You can never have enough diamonds! This is the closest thing to bathing in it. The sparkle in this is just insane," Rihanna said in an official statement.

Next up: the new Diamond Gloss Bomb in the shade Shimmering Puddle.

“I made it because I wanted the girls to get kissed more,” Rihanna said.

Aside from making girls more kissable, Rihanna wanted this gloss to be ultimate finishing touch to any look. Diamond Milk has the perfect a wash of pearl that creates a dewy highlight for your lips.


First off, I just want to say I absolutely love Rihanna. I think anything she touches turns to gold. I already am a huge fan of her collection and I am an even bigger fan of her newest products in the Diamond Collection.

First impressions: I was not really drawn-back, not going to lie. When I saw our display go up at Sephora, I did not have that immediate ‘gotta-have-it’ urge. I saw my coworkers applying the highlighter and my instant thought was “here we go with all this glitter”. Then, I gave it a chance and put it on……and my good sis Rihannnnnaaaaaa. You had me shining bright like a diamonddddd.

I think it is very important to understand Rihanna’s vision when we critique her products. Rihanna is very simplistic and loves a good highlight and shimmer.

For her highlighter, she wanted this to be a multipurpose use product. Not only can you use this for the face but for the body and eyeshadow as well. And do not get me started on the texture. When you swipe your fingers across the palette, it feels like velvet. LOVE IT.

I was not a huge fan of the lip gloss as upon first application. But, after a few moments, the color really sets into your lips and gives you the perfect gloss-pearl look.

So, what I really learned was, before you make your final decision on whether you like a product or not, give it some time. Try it out for yourself, everyone is going to have different opinions. Also, products are going to look different on each individual because we are all different. We are of all shades and undertones.

You can purchase both of these products at Sephora (online and in-store) and on The gloss bomb is $18 and the diamond veil is $38.

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