It Makes You Do Crazy Things

We’ve all heard “love, it makes you do crazy things” before and probably always applied that “love” to a romantic or sexual relationship. What about that intense love you have for your dreams? That passion. What crazy thing might that make you do if you were to cultivate it? I’m going to answer this question, using my experience at FenellaLikeWhoa’s Atlanta dinner event.

On July 21st, 2018, a graduate of Spelman College, Fashion blogger/vlogger and Instagram personality, FennellaLikeWhoa hosted a dinner and conversation event in Atlanta, GA as a part of her “#LikeWhoaTour.” I met Fennella when I was a freshman at Spelman College and was immediately drawn to her large green wig. That was my introduction to the creative powerhouse that is Fennella. Her love for fashion, being a creative, and connecting to her audience (“fans”) has made her, to those on the outside looking in, do crazy things---particularly with her fashion choices. I had always admired how bold Fennella was when it came to expressing her vivid imagination and visions into her daily life. At the dinner, there were about ten other women in attendance and we were all there for the same thing; to find out what would happen if we cultivated our love for our dreams. It becomes easy to cultivate and strengthen your love for a person, but I feel that we become lazy when we need to ignite the fire to start pursuing our dreams. You have to love what you’re doing in order for it to satisfy you. If your dream is to be a beauty influencer, you need to love beauty, or you’ll just be doing it for a check (maybe, the money isn’t instant). Fennella absolutely loves what she’s doing in the world of fashion and being an African creative.

Consistency was the word of the night at the dinner. Each woman went around the table and discussed what she struggled with in building her personal brand or pursuing her dreams. Consistency was an issue for all of us. What is it that makes us inconsistent in passion? In relationships, romance and all things in between if a person becomes inconsistent with you Twitter will immediately alert you that “he/she don’t love you” and you’ll believe it’s true. Why is it that when people become inconsistent in their work lives (creative, corporate etc.) we don’t run to Twitter and remind them that they don’t love what they’re doing? We don’t do this because it simply isn’t true. I love writing, I’ve been terribly inconsistent in it. As someone who wants to be employed as a writer or create employment for herself through writing you would think I’d be churning out full-length essays and blogs every day--I’m not. When it comes to the person we’re interested in or we believe is interested in us, inconsistency is generally accepted as a red flag and I want to challenge if it should be (all the time).

Fear is what makes me inconsistent in every aspect of my life. No matter what it is I “love”, if I become fearful, I will become disastrously inconsistent. Now that I am aware of this I have been challenging myself to eliminate not only fear but worry as well. Attending Fennnella’s event reminded me that I am not the only one who struggles with letting my fear control my actions at times. Every woman in attendance agreed that if we love what we are doing, as creatives, then we shouldn’t be afraid to take the next steps on our journey to success. Your love for anything will make you do crazy things but before you let it make you do something crazy for someone else, do something “crazy” for yourself first. My first action of love towards my dreams is doing something so crazy, it just might work; I’m going to start that Youtube channel I have been talking about for two years because fear no longer holds me hostage. Love is in control.

Salley Baxter

Hous11 Writer


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