Hous 11 talks The Hotlist, Bubble Tea, and Med School with Upcoming Super Model: Olivia Anakwe

The fierce and young Nigerian-American model, Olivia Anakwe, is far from the ordinary 19-year-old. After being discovered in NY attending her sister’s graduation, life for her has never

quite been the same.

You’ve probably seen her opening up for Kenzo or walking for many of the top designers including Maison Margiela, Schiaparelli Haute Couture, Marc Jacobs, Off White and her favorite, “shooting the Miu Miu SS18 Campaign in the middle of the Arizona desert”. For someone who “always dreamt of just being a doctor”, Olivia is now determined to maximize

her opportunities while being on the Hot List as well as pursuing her medical degree. Her efforts are more than admirable. We, of course, couldn’t let Olivia go without discussing her obsession with Bubble Tea or what she calls “the ultimate summer drink”! She speaks about “pure and fruit teas” being her favorite and Kung Fu Tea being one of the best spots in New York to grab it. She even went on to tell us her exact order that day which included “no sugar, less ice, and add[ed] bubbles”.

The highly sought-after model mentions how much she loves her job, especially with her bubble tea to get her through the day. She talks about the excitement of “traveling and meeting people from all over the world. She loves the thrill of fashion week…” She didn’t fail to mention her love for “editorials where [she] can turn into a different character”. This gave major insight to how modeling isn’t just posing for a photo but more of bringing an entire vision and story to life—the model being just one part of that. With one of her biggest inspirations Naomi Campbell holding similar views, it is no shock that Anakwe touched on this.

Modeling can also be a great platform for bringing awareness. With that being said, Anakwe frequently using the hashtag “BlackGirlMagic” has not gone unnoticed! She eloquently told us she feels that it “encapsulates all the nuances of blackness especially in regard to black women. The hashtag shows black girls killing it and hopefully will give some inspiration to others”. It is beautiful watching black women lift one another up no matter their status. Cheers to her for supporting such an important movement.

Anakwe’s story is inspiring to girls all over the world. It is a truly a testament to not only how life may have unexpected turns but how seizing one opportunity doesn’t necessarily negate others. Balance is key and a little bubble tea along the way is favorable. As for what Olivia Anakwe has learned through her unanticipated modeling journey, she leaves us all with one strong piece of advice: “The confidence you have in yourself will carry you a long way”.

Hawa Camara

Hous11 Blogger